After surgery

Last updated on 30th March 2016

You will be seen daily following your operation by the doctors and nurses. Your operating team will discuss the operation with you. If there is something you are unclear about, please feel free to ask.

At the end of many operations, you may have a bandage inserted into the vagina. This is often put in to help stop any small bleeding areas noticed at the time of surgery. This is usually removed the following morning after surgery.

Shoulder pain is a common complaint following laparoscopic surgery. The pain usually lasts for 2-3 days and is relieved by simple painkillers such as paracetamol.

We would generally recommend that you take a relatively light and healthy diet for the first few days following surgery.

During most operations you will have a catheter (a tube that drains your bladder) inserted. This is generally removed after one or two nights. If your bladder does not empty satisfactorily, you may need to go home with a catheter. The catheter is attached to a leg-bag in the day which means that you can be mobile. If you do go home with a catheter, generally you will return one week later to have the catheter removed. A further assessment will be made to see whether your bladder is able to empty properly at that point. Occasionally after an operation we suggest that a catheter is left inĀ for up 2 weeks.

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